Our most important partners

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Partner company:Logo:Link:Description:
T-Systems Internationalhttp://www.t-systems.comWe have historical good cooperation with our partner and the predecessor company of it. As subcontractor of our partner, we can participate in development projects of the german T-Systems.
Qualysoft Zrt.http://www.qualysoft.huBack to its roots, our company has good cooperation with our partner, in collaboration in both of hungarian and german projects.
T-Sytems Hungary Kft.http://www.t-systems.huSince 2003, we have good cooperation with our customer.
Oracle Hungary Kft.http://www.oracle.comWe work together with our partner since 2007, mainly in procurement projects.
Sunbooks Kft.http://www.sunbooks.huOur client was earlier the leading online book market portal.
Vodafone Magyarországhttp://www.vodafone.huSubcontractor cooperation
Eurofunk Kappacherhttp://www.eurofunk.comConsultancy cooperation as export contract.
eSolutionshttp://www.esolutions.deCooperation as senior consultant with the market leading automotive development company.